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Soggy Po’ Boys

Soggy Po Boys are a traditional jazz band that reach deep into the New Orleans catalog to create their own sound. The band offsets the standard dixie repertoire by drawing from the second line and caribbean-creole influences from the Crescent City. While honoring a vast tradition, the Po Boys have also written and recorded several records of original music.

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Eric Klaxton Quintet

The EK Quintet is an outlet for Klaxton’s original music. While personnel is often shifting, you will find the sound of the group remains focused. Inspired by the compositions of Ben Allison, Radiohead, and Chris Speed- to name a few- the music explores the connection between the traditional and modern.



Sojoy is a chord-less “little big band” consisting of 5 horns, drums, and bass. A modern jazz septet formed by composer, arranger and drummer Jonny Peiffer. Collaborating with poets, actors, dancers, and other composers, the band is often described as performing “cinematic sound celebrations”. The tunes are original, and the arranging is masterful.




OurBigBand is an 18 piece jazz orchestra with a mission of hosting composers and performing their original compositions and arrangements. Guests have included trumpeter Dave Douglas as well as trombonist Curtis Hasselbring. Whether performing music new or old, classic compositions or original works, the band delivers a fresh and incisive sound. Teeming with improvisers, composers, diverse talents and tastes, OurBigBand is not your average orchestra.


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